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Build APPlications, from A to Z.

It has been over two decades since we first started using meta data for programming. Initially, it was driven by customer demands to show different user interface based on project and location. It proved to be very powerful tool and we adapted same technique to building backend logic to provide customers with flexibility to use different columns from project to project.We have been using meta data driven programming ever since, for building internal applications, ranging from field inventory tracking to various HR systems.

With continued advancement in technology, we are now able to bring the same proven meta data driven programming framework directly to end users, to build internal applications and tools without having to write any code.

BAPPAZ includes best practices that we have learned over last 25 years programming internal applications and provides innovative smart editor that allows users to quickly build user interface without having to write any SQL query or for that matter, without any programming to integrate with backend.

We also incorporated our decades of experience writing HR applications with stringent security requirements. BAPPAZ provides best-in-class declarative security to secure UI, data and business process, and supplements that with data driven, runtime dynamic security, allowing you to meet HIPPA requirements!

We truly hope that BAPPAZ will prove to be a useful tool to help turn your innovative ideas into real world implementation and to help your drive business further!

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