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What is BAPPAZ

BAPPAZ is the easiest way to build and maintain application on top of your database without writing any code or SQL.

How BAPPAZ works

  1. Create new application and connect to your database (like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  2. Add Page by selecting a page template and database table or view.

No need to build queries with SQL or write logic with Javascript, or connect them to components and keep track of state. When you add a page, all the required components are already added and integrated with all the necessary logic. You just add page and preview immediately to see the results.

And you are not limited to whats is pre defined on the page. You can re-arrange components with drag and drop editor, add new components and fields, and change layout of existing components, and set various properties on field, all with easy to use smart editor

Getting Started Resources

Here are few resources to help you get started:

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