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Every Feature You Need to Build Application

Rapidly build internal tools to turn your ideas into reality with a smart no code application builder that is easy to use, yet powerful enough to build complete multiple page application with enterprise grade security.

Automatic Data Access

BAPPAZ empowers you to build application on top of your database without having to worry about how to deal with data access. Our meta data driven service eliminates needs to write SQL and gives you data just by connecting to database.

Built-in multiple table updates with automatic transaction support make is easy to work with data relationships.

And your data always stays on your system and is only retrieved when it’s needed.

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Business Process Automation

Achieve digital transformation by modeling and automating your unique business process with BAPPAZ workflow.

Your process is your intellectual property, don't change it.Build application to fit your business process, not the other way around.

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Auto-Generated User Interface

Bappaz automatically generates user interface for you, so you can focus on your business logic.

BAPPAZ provides auto generated user interface from multiple row list to detail form without having to drag and drop any controls or do any data plumbing.

And with automatic support for responsive layout, you will always have access to data and information you need, on the device you are using, be it mobile or desktop!

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Dynamic Data Security

Data is todays prime digital asset. With BAPPAZ, we connect to your database, you own and keep your data with you.

Beyond data ownership, BAPPAZ provides very granular security framework to ensure that only intended personal can see and work with data.

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Multiple Page Application

BAPPAZ enables you to build not just a page, but a complete multiple page application.

Bappaz includes pre-built support for Dashboard, Reports, Configuration screens and even a user profile screen, making it a snap to build complete application.

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