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Auto-Generated User Interface

BAPPAZ provides auto generated user interface from multiple row list to detail form without having to drag and drop any controls or do any data plumbing.

User interface is the "face" of your application. That is what end users interact with. You want user interface and overall experience with your application to be simple and easy so that user can get their work done in an efficient and timely manner. And it needs to work on the device user is utilizing to access required information.


BAPPAZ provides automatic user interface layout out of the box. Just select table and get auto-generated data view page with multiple record table with paging, sort and search. No need to write queries or drag in components to view your data. It also includes form to edit and change data, and with integration to backend for data updates.


BAPPAZ smart Layout engine utilizes meta data to dynamically build user interface at run time. It includes lots of pre-built components, from tables and list to forms and boards. Layout engine integrates with data access in backend end to automatically fetch paged data and provides out of the box support for search and sort.



Out of the box support for forms makes data editing a breeze to setup. No need to worry about where set data in component or where to read data from. Layout engine provides full support for data editing and integrates with workflow engine to enforce business rules.

Layout editor allows you to customize layout and set various components properties to create your own unique designs without having to write any code!



Need to support creating Parent and multiple child records on same screen? BAPPAZ understands shape of you data and features auto linking to related records. Smart Layout engine automatically connects to related records, and keeps track of which records have changed, as well as ensure that required fields are filled.

Layout engine also features full support for browser based routing between multiple screen, allowing fast interaction and full use of browser history stack.

auto ui parent child

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