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Automate Business Processes

Achieve digital transformation by modeling and automating your unique business process with BAPPAZ workflow.

Business Process is generally described as a collection of related, structured tasks, carried out by people or equipment in a specific sequence, with the goal of producing a defined outcome, like a product or a service. Business process is often modeled as a flowchart with a sequence of steps with interleaving of actions and decision points for transition to next step.


Business process are driver of successful business strategy and their consistent implementation across workforce can lead to success of a business!

Your business has its own unique process that makes your business successful. Bappaz allows you to automate the business processes to streamline business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and contain costs.


Bappaz provides built-in support for modeling complex business process using state machine based workflow engine. Three categories of workflow are supported

Client Side workflow are useful for controlling user interaction and enforcing consistent rules. Bappaz includes pre-built workflows for most common client side interactions, allowing for easy configuration and usage. In vast majority of cases, you don't even have to know or worry about client side workflows, they are invoked and used automatically in response to user actions.

Server side workflow allow you to take follow on actions when certain events happen with data, like calling external api when data is changed.

Client Server workflows allow you to model your unique business process and have your application work according to your unique requirements, like enforcing approval before placing external orders or modeling a hiring funnel. Workflow engine is based on finite state machine and can handle real world business process automation requirements with built-in support for long running process.

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