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Automatic Data Access

BAPPAZ empowers you to build application on top of your database without having to worry about how to deal with data access.

Databases uses Structured Query Language or SQL to facilitate data access and data manipulation. With SQL, you can describe to database if you will like a particular row or a page of rows. You can use SQL to instruct database to create new row and then to update it when subject to meeting certain conditions. While SQL is great for working with database, with BAPPAZ, you don't have to learn it to build you application.


BAPPAZ includes an intelligent meta data driven data access engine that can access and query relational data. Data access engine dynamically builds queries at run time based on meta data and can configured to support various options like default values, grouping and others.

Data access engine auto builds optimized paged queries to read data in an efficient manner and only access data for the required page. It also supports quick and advance search as well as sorting data.


Data access engine also supports creating atomic parent child records with full transaction support, again without having to write any SQL. It will create parent record, set proper foreign keys on child records and ensure all records are inserted in one atomic transaction. Updates also feature transaction support and can update multiple tables.

Data access engine understands shape of your data and can automatically deference foreign keys and make joins to related tables to get all relevant data in same fetch request, and all of this without you having to write any SQL query.

With BAPPAZ, you can work with any of the following relational databases
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server

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