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Dynamic Data Security

Data is todays prime digital asset. With BAPPAZ, we connect to your database, you own and keep your data with you.

Beyond data ownership, BAPPAZ provides very granular security framework to ensure that only intended personal can see and work with data.
Security is woven throughout the app and features multiple checks. All three engines, layout, data access and workflow support both declarative permission based authorization and data driven dynamic authorization, allowing you to build custom roles that fit business requirements.


Layout engine allows you to declaratively set permissions on roles to control access to various pages. In addition to securing pages, you can also secure individual component elements, including support for visibility and edit condition. Layout engine also ensure that only authorized users are allow to take appropriate data and workflow actions.


While user authorization is great to control what user can interact with, you also need to secure your data access on server. BAPPAZ data access engine ensure that only authorized user can take data actions, no matter how they arrived at API endpoint from application user interface or a hacker just fishing for data.

You can control access to every data element from data table to individual columns. Access can be grated for reading or updating or any combination of create, update, read and delete actions.


While declarative security is sufficient to cover vast majority of use cases, there are situations where you need to dynamically control data access, at even more granular level, specially access to rows and cells within those rows. BAPPAZ security engine has support for data driven dynamic permission evaluation at runtime, allowing you to dynamically control access based on data and only allowing certain uses access based on current state of the data. This makes it possible to comply with stringent HIPPA requirements for securing access to data.


Workflow Engine allows you to control access to critical data by securing business process flow actions. Every step and action combination in workflow can be used as permission, allowing you to ensure that only intended user can take action on data, based on current state of data.

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