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FullStack Codebase Generator

Rapidly build applications with no code visual application builder and export fullstack codebase with Node.js/ExpressJS backend and React Frontend.

We handle all the details for you, from database transactions to client routing, you get a fully working application codebase.

Front End

You get a modern React powered app authored using Typescript and built with the official Create React App, including development server, build scripts, EmotionJS for styling and React Router for client side routing.

Components Included
From tables and forms to charts and kanban board, you get all the components for a responsive app.

Back End

Get a Node.js powered backend with ExpressJS authored in Typerscript, and a fully functional REST API. Combine with your choice of database, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgresSQL or SQLite.

We handle multi table update with database transactions ensuring database integrity across tables. Create parent and multiple child records with a single API call.

No need to write boiler plate SQL, we handle it for you. From efficient seek paging to parametrized insert, all coded and ready to run.

Auto-Generated User Interface

Bappaz automatically generates user interface for you, so you can focus on your business logic.

BAPPAZ provides auto generated user interface from multiple row list to detail form without having to drag and drop any controls or do any data plumbing.

And with automatic support for responsive layout, you will always have access to data and information you need, on the device you are using, be it mobile or desktop!


Secure application with built-in JWT based session-less authentication. Authorize every API call and ensure that only authorized users can access the data.

Setup Custom Roles and assign permission to secure your application. Security is applied both on front end for quick user experience and on back-end on every API to ensure data integrity.

Multiple Page Application

BAPPAZ enables you to build not just a page, but a complete multiple page application.

Bappaz includes pre-built support for Dashboard, Reports, Configuration screens and even a user profile screen, making it a snap to build complete application.

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