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The GUI for Relational Databases

BAPPAZ provides you with a multi-purpose, cross-platform user interface for sql relational databases, allowing you to quickly build custom app on top of your data

Multiple Relational Databases

BAPPAZ empowers you to build application on top of relational database without having to worry about how to deal with data access. Our meta data driven service eliminates needs to write SQL and gives you data just by connecting to database. Easily connect natively to a growing list of relational databases, including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgresql, SQLite and more.


Full Featured SQL GUI

Connecting BAPPAZ to your SQL database lets you run queries, inspect your schema and alter database object, and even define relationships. Manage, manipulate, and visualize your data with visual UI with custom components instead of putting up with a CLI output.

Auto Generated Backend API

BAPPAZ auto generates API to access your database, including support for creating atomic parent child records with full transaction support. It will create parent record, set proper foreign keys on child records and ensure all records are inserted in one atomic transaction. Updates also feature transaction support and can update multiple tables.

BAPPAZ Data access engine understands shape of your data and can automatically deference foreign keys and make joins to related tables to get all relevant data in same fetch request, and all of this without you having to write any SQL query.

BAPPAZ provides the building blocks for creating application

Whether you're building a basic CRUD interface or inventory management software, all application have the same building blocks: tables, list, boards, text boxes, dropdowns, etc. BAPPAZ allows you to auto connect these building blocks with your own data sources so you can assemble any custom application, fast.

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