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Application Build Video

Office Inventory Tracker Application

Track and manage office inventory like Desktop, Laptops and related computing equipments.

Database Tables
  • Catalog - to categories and group like equipments and let employees request items from catalog
  • Inventory - Tracks computing equipments in office
  • Request - List of employee equipment request
  • Item - List of equipments requested
  • Lookup - Configuration table
  • No Code List View with Related Items

    Catalog + Related Inventory
    Select Catalog Table and get a working list of Catalog Items. Add List Component to get Related Inventory Items, all without writing any SQL to join.
  • No Code Card List with side by side Details View

    Inventory List
    Select Inventory Table with Card List template and get List - Detail side by side view
  • No Code Item Detail and Child Items with Transaction Support

    Request + Items
    Computing equipment Request with seamless parent child view in same UI. No need to save request first and then add items!
  • No Code Admin Panel / Config View

    View to Configure Secondary Data
    Configure Reference and Lookup Secondary data.
  • No Code Profile View

    User Information with Customizable Settings
    Pre-build profile screen with user information and settings.
  • No Code Report Builder

    Report with Parameters, Export and Print
    Report List with support for filtering, print and CSV Export
  • No Code Interactive Dashboard

    Dashboard with Stats and Charts
    Interactive Stats and Charts, just add Component and configure!
  • No Code No SQL Database Application

    Office Inventory Tracker
    Complete Application with page to let user request equipment, workflow with approval for equipment request, functionality for IT Staff to fulfill requests and take back equipment.

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