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  • No-code Visual interface to build your app

    BAPPAZ is a no-code visual app builder, allowing you to create an application without writing any code or sql.

    Simple, drag and drop interface gives you a great user experience to easily build your application.


  • No need to hire a developer

    Finding the right developer is a hard task. It's time consuming and often can result in a delayed or a failed project.

    Instead, you can take the work in your hands and build the application you need to achieve your business goals.


  • Save money on development cost

    Building a custom application is expensive and finding the right resources can be a lengthy process. It can cost thousands of dollars to develop and even more money to maintain it.

    For about an hour of development cost, you can build and get a working application today!

    #cut-cost #save-money

  • Make application in a day, not in weeks or months

    While developers will need weeks or months to build application, you can have it done before they set up their coding environment! Literally, you can build an application in just a day.

    Don't believe it? Try it out!


  • No Lock-in, No Limits

    You get fullstack codebase with BAPPAZ.

    There are No per user fees, No transaction fees, no storage limits, and No vendor lock-in. You own the IP!

    Build, Export and Deploy. Simple as that!


  • Deal with complex scenarios where other tools can't

    The arsenal of features and functionality which BAPPAZ possess, gives you ability to deal with complicated scenarios while other tools would require writing custom sql query and logic in javascript.

    That is why BAPPAZ is unique and the most powerful tool to build application on top of database.


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