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The Application Codebase Generator
Use our Visual App Builder to jump start your next project

Start with a data model and instantly get readymade page with responsive design and a fully functional backend.


How does it work?

BAPPAZ utilizes Model Driven App development to quickly let you build multi page application complete with backend API. Get an App running with 3 easy steps

  • Step 1. Create Data Model

    Create a model and add fields. Define relationship by simplying selecting existing model as a field type. Add related columns from other model. Configure defaults.

    If you already have a database, we will reverse engineer the schema and create models and relationships!

  • Step 2. Create Page

    Select model and create page using one of the pre-defined templates. Page is auto generated with all components and integration to backend. Customize look and feel of UI using properties and additional componets. Configure behavior and enhance user experince by combining with additional models.

    Instantly test your page and refine as required.

  • Step 3. Export and Deploy

    Export source code and deploy to desired location, self host on-premise or deploy to external cloud vendor.

    BAPPAZ generates human readable and fully maintenable source code. Exported project comes ready to be built and deploy from simple command line!

App in a day

Our visual app builder lets you create without letting the wiring get in the way.

  • Visual Builder

    Customize UI with a simple drag and drop editor. Creating complex parent child UI is as simple as dropping a list component on an existing component.

  • Pre Wired Components

    From list to forms, all components are pre wired and just work out of the box. Create, edit and delete operation are all pre coded and integrate with backend API.

  • Comprehensive Security

    Easily authenticate users and access data. BAPPAZ has built in security and authorization features, allowing you to secure page and even rows, including out of the box UI to create role and manage user permissions!

What do you get?

Get a modern application right out of the box. We sweat the details so that you do not have to.

Page Templates

  • MultiView-Detail

    To view tabular data and item details. List can be table, card view or even a Kanban board!

    Multi-View Detail
  • CardView-Detail

    For scannble list and details.

    Multi-View Detail
  • Dashboard

    At a glance vital stats and charts for KPIs

    Multi-View Detail
  • Reports

    For data driven decision making

    Multi-View Detail
  • Config/Admin

    To Configure various options

    Multi-View Detail
  • Profile

    For user customization

    Multi-View Detail

Backend API

  • CRUD

    API with full CURD functionality

  • Transactions

    End points with transaction support for creating/updating/deleting Parent Children records in atomic way

  • Security

    Integrated security check for every API call to ensure only authorized user can access data

  • Pagination/Search/Sort

    Cursor/Seek Based efficient pagination with support for quick search (auto suggest), advanced search and sort


  • For List data
    • Table
    • Card List
    • Knaban Board
    • Editable Table
  • For Detail data
    • Form
    • Form Input Controls (Text, Numeric, Date, CheckBox, Select)
    • Custom Form Control (Auto Suggest, Picker)
  • For Layout
    • Dialog
    • Tab
    • Panel
    • Stack
    • Modal
  • Hooks
    • SeekPagination
    • Form (single record)
    • ItemsForm (multi recrods)
    • Query (get data)
    • Mutation (update data)

Battries Included. And more!

Get ready made modules for Administration, Security and more.


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