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Build Applications from A to Z with a
Visual App Builder
that generates Real Code Apps!

Create multiple page enterprise ready application on top of your database without writing any code. Turn ideas into apps that move the business forward.

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Build and export source code for Unlimited Apps. Self-Host on-premise or deploy externally to cloud vendor of your choice. No per user fees, no transactions fees, no limits!

How does it work?

BAPPAZ utilizes Model Driven App development to quickly let you build multi page application complete with backend API. Get an App running with 3 easy steps

  • Step 1. Create Data Model

    Create a model and add fields. Define relationship by simplying selecting existing model as a field type. Add related columns from other model. Configure defaults.

    If you already have a database, we will reverse engineer the schema and create models and relationships!

  • Step 2. Create Page

    Select model and create page using one of the pre-defined templates. Page is auto generated with all components and integration to backend. Customize look and feel of UI using properties and additional componets. Configure behavior and enhance user experince by combining with additional models.

    Instantly test your page and refine as required.

  • Step 3. Export and Deploy

    Export source code and deploy to desired location, self host on-premise or deploy to external cloud vendor.

    BAPPAZ generates human readable and fully maintenable source code. Exported project comes ready to be built and deploy from simple command line!

App in a day

Our visual app builder lets you create without letting the wiring get in the way.

  • Visual Builder

    Customize UI with a simple drag and drop editor. Creating complex parent child UI is as simple as dropping a list component on an existing component.

  • Pre Wired Components

    From list to forms, all components are pre wired and just work out of the box. Create, edit and delete operation are all pre coded and integrate with backend API.

  • Comprehensive Security

    Easily authenticate users and access data. BAPPAZ has built in security and authorization features, allowing you to secure page and even rows, including out of the box UI to create role and manage user permissions!

Go beyond no code!

You get source code for the full stack app. BAPPAZ allows you quickly get started without code, but extend without limits through code!

  • Real Code apps

    All BAPPAZ apps are backed by a real typescript codebase which belongs to you. ReactJS for Frontend and NodeJS backend API.

  • No-code meets Pro-code

    You can continue to build out features using BAPPAZ without writing any code, while your development team builds more complicated technical features with code.

  • Change without worry

    With BAPPAZ, you can easily make changes, instantly test and get fully working new code base without having to worry about breaking other parts of app!


Access Database without writing SQL

BAPPAZ meta data driven engine understands shape of your data and relationships. It automatically generates SQL queries for CURD operations to access and manipulate your data. You get ready made API endpoint that is aware of call context and has security baked-in!

Built-in multiple table updates with automatic transaction support make is easy to work with data relationships.

And your data always stays on your system and is only retrieved when it’s needed during development.

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SQL Server

Business Process Automation with Workflow

Your business has its own unique process that makes you successful. Bappaz allows you to build application to derive further value out of your business process by automating it and ensuring that rest of workforce can easily utilize the same process in a consistent manner.

Your process is your intellectual property, don't change it to fit an off the shelf application. Build application to fit your business process, not the other way around.

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Auto-Generated User Interface

Stop wrestling with different user interface libraries, hacking together data access, and figuring out authorization implementation. With meta data driven smart layout engine, you get a automatically generated user interface screen just by selecting table from database, complete with backend data integration and support for paging, search and sort.

And with automatic support for responsive layout, you will always have access to data and information you need, on the device you are using, be it mobile or desktop!

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Enterprise Grade Security

Security is woven through out the application. With standard declarative permission for data, user interface and workflow elements, you can build custom roles that fit business requirements.

In addition to permissions based declarative security, you also get functionality to configure data driven dynamic security, enabling you to secure individual row and even distinct data elements, allowing you to easily comply with HIPPA requirements.

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Multiple Page Application

You don't want to build a one off tool and then find out that you need to hack even more to mange that one tool. Any useful application requires additional functionality to provide metrics on various data to enable decision making, reports to help with analysis, functionality to manage supplementary and maintenance data, and means to administer access permission.

Bappaz includes pre-built support for Dashboard, Reports, Configuration screens and even a user profile screen, making it a snap to build complete application.

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  • No-code Visual interface to build your app

    BAPPAZ is a no-code visual app builder, allowing you to create an application without writing any code or sql.

    Simple, drag and drop interface gives you a great user experience to easily build your application.


  • No need to hire a developer

    Finding the right developer is a hard task. It's time consuming and often can result in a delayed or a failed project.

    Instead, you can take the work in your hands and build the application you need to achieve your business goals.


  • Save money on development cost

    Building a custom application is expensive and finding the right resources can be a lengthy process. It can cost thousands of dollars to develop and even more money to maintain it.

    For about an hour of development cost, you can build and get a working application today!

    #cut-cost #save-money

  • Make application in a day, not in weeks or months

    While developers will need weeks or months to build application, you can have it done before they set up their coding environment! Literally, you can build an application in just a day.

    Don't believe it? Try it out!


  • No Lock-in, No Limits

    You get fullstack codebase with BAPPAZ.

    There are No per user fees, No transaction fees, no storage limits, and No vendor lock-in. You own the IP!

    Build, Export and Deploy. Simple as that!


  • Deal with complex scenarios where other tools can't

    The arsenal of features and functionality which BAPPAZ possess, gives you ability to deal with complicated scenarios while other tools would require writing custom sql query and logic in javascript.

    That is why BAPPAZ is unique and the most powerful tool to build application on top of database.


Get started building your application in minutes

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