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Easy MVP Builder

Rapidly build MVP with no code Visual MVP Builder.

We handle all the details for you, from database access to auto generated user interface, you get a ready made fully working MVP.

Visual MVP Builder

You have an excellent idea that you can not wait to launch. You are eager to get your minimum viable product out!

The only roadblock? You can not code and do not have resources to build the MVP!

Don’t worry. You don’t need to onboard a developer or beg engineers to become technical co-founders.

You can build your MVP without writing any code using BAPPAZ! With BAPPAZ Visual MVP Builder, it is easy to go from idea to MVP in minutes.

Define data requirement, get instant backend API and ready made front end UI, test and launch!

MVP build service

Don't have time? Need a helping hand?

With our MVP build service, we will work with you and build out your MVP as per your requirements using our no-code solution. Once MVP is build, you can test it, we can iterate over it and once ready, we can help your deploy it.

And with our Full Stack Code Export, it is easy to get started quickly with no-code, but extend without limits through code!


We follow a simple 3 step process for MVP development

Step 1
We setup quick meeting to go over your idea and discuss the project requirements

Step 2
Based on requirements, we design database, develop backend API and build application.

Step 3
You test out the MVP and provide feedback. We iterate and incorporate your feedback.

And once you are ready to launch, we will help you deploy.

After deployment, you can continue to tweak MVP based on usage analytics and user feedback

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