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Board View

Board view allows you to show data items/tasks that are moving through stages of a process or workflow, or are grouped by property, like status. Use them for project management, process flow and visualizing your data state.

Add and Configure Board

Add a Board View

You can add Board view to an existing List view.

  • - Click View Selector and in Properties panel, Check Board under Views
  • List View Selector
  • - Select Board from Select View dropdown to view Board and set Properties
  • Check Board and Select

Now that you have added Board view, customize it by setting various properties

  • 1. Group Field - Select Field that is used to group/segregate data.
  • 2. Workflow Name - Associate a workflow to enforce process.
  • Board Properties

Board can operate with only a group field or group field with workflow. When you use only a Group Field, that field is used to group data into columns and it auto updated as user moves card from one board column to another.

On other hand, if you associate a workflow, when user moves board card, workflow action corresponding to board column will be executed. This provides flexibility to assign rights based on who can take what action and allows you to run code before action execution as well as setup multiple fields to be update. Workflow is also great for consistent enforcement of process based rules and associated restrictions, like preventing user from moving pending card to fulfilled without approval. With associated workflow, board becomes very useful tool for projects and task management.

When you associate a Board with an existing workflow, it will auto create separate Board Column for each step in the workflow with all requisite properties auto populated and board ready to go! Once auto created, you can still customize columns or remove them as required.

Board Column/Group

A board column groups item that have same state. For instance all items pending approval or approved items. You can rearrange board column and customize its properties.

Board Card

Board card represents an item. You can add fields and customize look and feel of the card.

Drag and Drop

Board supports actions on data item by allowing user to drag item from one column to another. When user drops item on a column, appropriate rules are invokes and call made to backend to take action on data. Depending on how board it configured, it will change group field value or invoke workflow action.

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