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Inventory App Video

Video Showing a No Code Office Inventory Application

About Office Inventory Tracker Application

App allows user to track and manage office inventory like Desktop, Laptops and related computing equipments. It will let employees request computing equipment and have them fulfilled by IT Department. App also include approval workflow to let Supervisor approve or reject equipment request.


Uses 4 main tables and a lookup table to track inventory and manage equipment request


Inventory App Database Model


  • InventoryTracks computing equipments in office. Has fields to identify equipment using asset tag and show if equipment is available or if it has been assigned to a user and when.
  • CatalogIs used to categories and group like equipments and let employees request items from catalog. Catalog helps to keep inventory organized and lets employee request equipment based on type and not have it tied to actual equipment.
  • RequestList of employee equipment request with field to track request status and audit for various actions
  • ItemList of equipments requested and has fields to track type of equipment request and which equipment was assigned by fulfillment team
  • LookupConfiguration table, use for displaying user friendly Request Status value.

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